Prenatal & Postnatal Classes

Prenatal Yoga is the perfect balance of mind and
body wellness, here are some benefits:
*Creating space for your baby and taking care of your changing body is important in all stages of pregnancy.
*This is the time to tap into your internal awareness and listen to what your body and baby are telling you.
*Prenatal yoga is low-impact and a great way to stay in shape during pregnancy. It can relieve many of the common ailments of pregnancy including low back, neck and hip pain, as well as joint swelling, and fatigue.
*Prenatal yoga strengthens the pelvic floor and hip muscles that are key during delivery. This gives your baby more support in the womb and could make the process (including contractions) less painful.
*With your growing baby, breath becomes a bit restricted. Practicing yoga and centering on your breath helps you relax and relieve the stresses from the new changes happening throughout your body.

Here is what Postnatal Yoga can do for you:
*Postnatal yoga helps rebuild flexibility and muscle tone: Toning your arms can stave off soreness that comes from the new demands of caring for your baby. The average newborn weights 7.5 pounds and gets picked up about 50 times each day.
*Get your core back! Developing strength in abdominal and back muscles reduces postpartum back pain.
*Stretch your achy shoulders and back: Breastfeeding can cause the spine and shoulders to become rounded and sore.
*Stretch out the hips to make room for your growing baby!!
*The pelvic floor has been under an extreme amount of pressure during the pregnancy, but also during labor. Pelvic floor strengthening exercises can prevent incontinence and/or dropped uterus.
*Relaxation and meditation will give you the time you need to chill, while continuing to be the best mom that you can be. Discover new wonderful sleeping positions!!
I am fully certified and insured to teach pre and post natal yoga through Silverlake Yoga. Spread the word, prenatal yoga comes highly recommended by obstetricians!