One on One

While group yoga classes are fun to attend, it can be difficult to address your specific needs while practicing within a group of people.

Private yoga instruction is great for:

-Those who just don’t have time in their schedule to go to a group class.

-If you are new to yoga and need help getting started.

-If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your yoga practice, and feeling the need for individual attention to progress.

I usually teach in my client’s homes. If you wanted to start private classes with me, I suggest we meet at a coffee shop first to discuss the following:
Schedules, your work out regimen, your ailments (if any) and what you want to get from this practice. From there, we can schedule your private classes.


  • One session (70 minutes): $135
  • Block of five sessions: $625 (saves $50)
  • Block of ten sessions: $1275 (saves $75)

*Depending on travel


Q: Where will we be doing the one on one yoga?

A: At your home or at Rise Movement in West Hollywood for an additional $25 fee.


Q: What happens during a one on one session?

A: A one on one yoga session begins by focusing upon yoga postures (Asanas) that are suited to your current state of health and level of fitness. We will keep growing your practice to your needs. I will design the class to include the connection between breath with movement, chanting, meditation, relaxation, and mudras.